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SUMMIT SAEG MISSION STATEMENT: Working to improve the quality of life, while further developing our assets and resources for the Summit Area.

We encourage ALL residents of Summit to attend our meetings and get involved!! It takes everyone getting involved to make these things happen! If you have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to email Dawn Wright,Community Be sure to follow us on Face Book,Twitter and Pinterest- Summit Fog Fest

Summit Area Economic Growth SAEG sponsors many projects in the area and supports many youth programs with the funds they raise, this include things like sports camps, the youth baseball program, scholarships and much more.

If you have aluminum you would like to get rid of, it can be dropped in the trailer located on the East side of the Fire hall. All proceeds go towards Little Sprouts daycare Thanks!!

Survey Ideas and opinions

Here is a summary of the opinions and ideas that we got from our surveys:
1.        Two businesses for sale.  They see that at as a sign the community is on the decline.
2.        Gravel roads. Better streets.
3.        Mass email to inform people of community events and meetings going on in town.  
4.        We have a good sports team that draws people in.
5.        Not enough young people in town.
6.        Quality of water.
7.        Updating Main Street, cleaning it up.
8.        More housing needs to be available.
9.        Offering more business and job opportunities.
10.        City needs to buy a tree dump.
11.        Community garden.
12.        Ice skating rink.
13.        4th of July parade
14.        Christmas lighted parade
15.        Easter egg hunt
16.        Youth center/rec center
17.        Sign listing business’s
18.        Picnic shelter at the park
19.        Bring more people in with the development of the wind farms.
20.        New gymnasium.
21.        Hotel for stranded motorists
22.        New school
23.        Hunting resort


People stated that Summit has a lot of good, friendly people in the community that are willing to help each other.  Although they thought it was always the same people doing the helping.  It was expressed also how it was nice to see young people involved in community events and they felt it was a very safe place to live and felt comfortable allowing their children to play and leaving items outside without fear of it being stolen or vandalized.  Gossip and some negativity was brought up too but thought that was not a big issue.  Almost everyone thought Summit needs to offer more for its young people encourage young families to move to Summit.  Housing of course becomes an issue, lack of business opportunities too.  Low taxes are a benefit along with our good school system.  Family oriented community too.